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Feb 22, 2020

From politics to reporter to career coach, Elizabeth Koraca is well-versed in what it takes to be a good public speaker. She helps business executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals with their presentation, communication, and speaking skills. Her work has allowed her to travel the globe helping people become better public speakers. Tune in as Elizabeth shares the importance of practice, building confidence, knowing your audience, and keeping things simple. Listen in!

Timestamped show notes

03:00 – Elizabeth’s beginning
03:20 - Ask yourself “what is your biggest fear?”
04:00 - “Nothing is perfect”
04:30 - Practice! Think about where you can be in front of people
05:56 - Record yourself speaking and see what mistakes you make
05:24 - Elizabeth talks about the beginning of her journey
05:44 - “Just keep going.”
06:20 - When you feel good about something, you feel good about yourself
06:36 - Most people think they’re worse than they actually are
07:08 - Hone in on your audience
07:27 - Keep it simple and digestible
07:39 - “Don’t make your audience feel dumb.”
07:56 - Thinking about your intention
08:30 - “The more connected we are...the more likely they are to give us what we want.”
08:37 - “People remember how we make them feel, not necessarily what we are saying”
09:17 - The importance of non-verbal communication
09:50 - Show passion!
10:30 - People want to buy certainty
10:45 - Overcoming self-doubt
12:40 - Dealing with “impostor syndrome”
13:20 - Check in on your goals regularly
13:42 - Overcoming perfectionism
14:23 - Get a good “operating system” for yourself
14:42 - Give yourself breaks!
15:11 - Tornado brain
16:20 - Importance of self-care to avoid feeling overwhelmed

Elizabeth’s Website: