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Sep 25, 2019

In her new book, “Balance is B.S.,” author and entrepreneur Tamara Loehr tells us that balance doesn’t work. From finding your tribe to finding a work-life blend, Tamara tells us how to navigate this crazy world as an entrepreneur. She also talks about her Dollar Beauty Tribe, a way to provide people with affordable, ethical, and cruelty-free cosmetics. Tune in!

01:40 - Why Tamara wrote “Balance is B.S.”
02:48 - Why the concept of balance is flawed
05:15 - Tamara explains the ‘myth’ behind trying to balance work and life
05:43 - The “9 to 5” schedule is unproductive!
08:32 - Tamara shares her core values
09:40 - Tamara’s concept of “territory vs tribe”
11:48 - How Tamara came up with the Dollar Beauty Tribe
15:19 - Tamara talks about her habits, or her “personal pie”
16:48 - Tamara on the business of family
17:53 - A story about Tamara’s daughter demonstrating understanding of the business of family
20:14 - Tamara on moving up versus rising up
22:17 - The concept of “energy vampires”
24:52 - Vision boards are B.S.
27:25 - What’s next for Tamara?
28:08 - Where to learn more about Dollar Beauty Tribe

Tamara’s Website: ​
Dollar Beauty Tribe: ​