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Dec 29, 2017

Sasha discusses the nature of branding, there are seven different rules that you can do to try and win in this new era. In this episode Kalika and Sasha discuss these rules in detail, discussing everything from being an advocate for a company to an emphasizer for a companies brand.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 0:05: Kalika introduces Sasha to today's episode
  • 2:00: How to win in the new era
  • 2:30: Rule 1: Assume Nothing
    • Give yourself the permission to not know all the answers, and therefore explore with curiosity.
  • 3:00: Rule 2: Empathize
    • Your audience is key to your success.
  • 3:25: Rule 3: Advocate: Become an endorser, a believer, a supporter...
    • Rule 4: Build Relationships
  • 6:00: Rule 5: Curate
    • The world is filled with too many choices. Help your audience understand by simplifying what you’re offering.
  • 6:45: Rule 6: Teach
    • Don’t try to sell your audience anything, teach them something relevant to their needs instead.
  • 7:50: Rule 7: Care
    • Use your high-valued professional skills to help a philanthropic cause of your choice. 

3 Key Points:

  1. Curate to simplify and offer your services and solutions in a way that is easy for someone to buy or for a reseller to sell.

  2. Invest in relationships.

  3. Employees must be taught to know, that what they are doing, results in the end goal... "...working for the greater good..."