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Feb 23, 2021

When something is under a lot of stress, that something tends to break. The same thing can happen with the human body--and that’s exactly what happened with Gemi Bertran. Gemi Bertran was awarded the Best Coach 2021 by the San Luis Obispo County, California New Times. Working full-time as a single mother and a full-time student, Gemi was under a tremendous amount of stress. “My brain broke,” she says. “My body wasn’t following the orders I was giving it.” Doctors couldn’t figure out what was happening to her either. As a result, Gemi turned to researching on her own. She started studying the brain, its behavior, its neural pathways, and ultimately how to work, live life and manage stress. Listen in!

Timestamped show notes
01:57 - Tactics and tips
03:20 - Curbing the anxiety
05:52 - Gemi walks us through her day
07:31 - Achieve what makes you happy
09:11 - Helpful superfoods
13:23 - Developing new habits
18:48 - Sugar decreases the neurotransmitters in your brain
23:43 - Check ingredient labels!
28:43 - Avoid stress eating, work out!
33:29 - Understanding how the body works
34:14 - Gemi shares how her journey started
36:39 - Despite her condition, Gemi tried to push forward
38:03 - Pushing yourself past your limits all the time is not healthy
40:01 - One thing many cultures’ traditional medicine has in common is food
40:54 - Meditation is key
44:48 - In the US, mental health problems aren’t addressed at the root cause
46:12 - It took Gemi 1 and a half years to recover
47:31 - Gemi helps out soldiers, veterans, and others with mental health issues
48:56 - Falling back into old habits is normal
50:26 - Keystone habits
51:23 - How to reach out to Gemi

Nourish the Brain: