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Jun 5, 2018

Elisa Miller-Out, the co-founder of Singlebrook and Managing Partner at Chloe Capital, is an entrepreneur, investor, and mom to 2 daughters. She sits down with Kalika Yap to talk about her experiences at working in theatre and eventually working in tech. As part of the community of Women 2.0, she's a big purveyor of making the tech industry more diverse and inclusive. Tune in to the latest episode now!


Timestamped Show notes:

01:25 Elisa shares her journey and how she adapted to switch from one career life to another.
03:22 Her first company was a non-profit that she started with a partner she met in college, which was a theater production company.
04:00 There's a lot of skills you can learn from working in the theater that can be applied to other aspects of work and life.
10:00 Elisa and her husband built Singlebrook, a custom software development company, by acquiring the firm where her husband used to work at.
12:33 Despite her background in theatre and in entertainment, Elisa made a switch to working in technology as it offered a more flexible career for a new mom.
16:45 The secret of her success if having a great partnership with her husband.
17:47 After 10 years with Singlebrook, Elisa started new ventures to help empower women in the tech industry.
22:48 In the next part of her journey, rather than asking what she would like to work on, she thought about who does she want to work with.
27:50 What it means to have a more diverse tech, investing, and entrepreneurship landscape for our future.


Key takeaways:

  • (When raising children) Having a great partnership, there's really no substitute for that.
  • Persistence and hard work, there's no such thing as easy money or easy entrepreneurship.


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