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Featured guests include:
Lisa Sugar, cofounder of POPSUGAR
Toni Ko, founder of NYX Cosmetics
Devin Alexander, celebrity chef and nutrition expert who appears on "The Biggest Loser"

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Jan 21, 2021

“You have a gift with people and words,” Chris’s uncle told him. “Develop that gift. That’s your gift.” Listen in as Chris shares how these words of encouragement served as a pivotal moment in his life. Tune in and learn how to utilize podcasts to reach a wider audience, grow your business, and grow your brand.

Timestamped show notes
02:45 - The podcast: an internet revolution
05:12 - Chris’s first podcast
06:35 - Two pivotal moments in Chris’s life
09:34 - Born, or made?
11:40 -How did Chris learn?
15:06 - Shaking up the podcast space
18:58 - COVID dips
22:41 - A versatile platform
24:23 - Podcast tips and tricks!
29:17 - Pricing, pricing, pricing
30:07 - Different podcast formats
33:12 - Recaps and breaking things down for people
34:42 - Putting yourself out there
39:31 - Starting “ugly” and ignoring the haters
41:45 - Keeping it simple with software
45:23 - Influencers
50:05 - Do you start a podcast as a business owner?
51:49 - What’s next for Chris?

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