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Jul 4, 2018

Mike Jones joins Kalika for today's EO Wonder podcast episode. Mike is the CEO and Co-Founder of Science Inc., a LA-based startup studio. He takes us to the behind-the-scenes of Science Inc. and how their selection process for incubations. Mike also shares what he considers to be the best trait to be successful. Listen now!


Timestamped show notes

01:06 Kalika introduces today’s guest, Mike Jones.

01:26 Mike Jones started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age as his parents are entrepreneurs as well.

03:40 He talks about start of Science Inc. and what their main goal is as an organization.

04:52 Mike gives some background about one of their high-profile incubations, Dollar Shave Club.

06:30 As Science Inc. is a startup studio, Mike explains what criteria or what they look for in companies or CEOs that they can take in. He highlights that he looks for leaders that people would want to follow and having a vision that compliments their organization’s values.

09:53 Being curious is Mike’s secret to being successful.

11:40 While Science Inc. works with a lot of women CEOs, Mike says it’s not intentional but they are happy to host a diverse group of CEOs.

13:01 He enumerates a number of mistakes entrepreneurs are likely to commit, including how the thinking “pursue your passion” can inadvertently lead to bad business ideas and decisions.

16:09 Mike stresses the importance of having a mentor, especially in the early stages of his career.

18:51 His current big goals are tied to Science Inc. and their family foundation that is focused on improving welfare of children.

20:55 The key is not juggling everything. Select a few things you can do really well and not try to do anything else.

23:00 Understanding that everyone has ebbs and flows is the habit that keeps him motivated, as well as establishing routines.


Key takeaways

  1. When entrepreneurs don’t have a big enough vision, they build for the vision they know. They build for small vision.
  2. (On work-life balance) Realizing that one couldn’t have it all and there’s only a limited time in a day, one should give up some things to focus on what really matters.



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