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Sep 26, 2018

On this episode of Wonder, Dandapani, a Hindu priest, joins Kalika Yap to talk about the impact of undivided meditation and focus. They discuss how important it is to learn and practice focus and concentration, and how it can transform your life through your relationships with other people and with yourself. Tune in now!

Timestamped show notes

01:43 Kalika introduces today's guest, Dandapani.

02:14 We were never taught how to focus but tell our children to do so.

03:11 Dandapani shares that the #1 tactic on how to concentrate is to only do one thing at a time.

05:30 You can be an entrepreneur but still be focus.

06:40 Dandapani discusses how he knows if a person is distracted, even when he cannot physically see the person.

09:12 People get distracted because they don't know what they want.

16:14 In monk school, they look at the mundane things that happen around their day as opportunities to develop qualities that can help them grown and become a better person.

19:32 Coming up with your purpose in life can define what your focus will be.

20:00 To know your purpose, you have to get to know yourself.


Key takeaways

  1. Concentration must be learned and needs to be practice. If you don't learn it and you don't practice it, you won't be good at it.
  2. Giving someone your undivided attention is one of the highest forms of love and respect.
  3. Your purpose in life should never be about someone or something.



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