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Apr 23, 2018

Tanya Chernova is a voice of inspiration, empowering people worldwide as a celebrated speaker, author, mentor and business expert.

Tanya has traveled over 50 countries as a sought after educator to some of the world’s largest brands such as L’Oréal Professionnel, Polyconcept, Cisco, Henessy, and NASA. Tanya transforms companies and people with the mindset and skill set to succeed.


Timestamped Show Notes:

01:04 Neuroscience and leadership--leadership helps both leaders and managers understand what's at the core of an employee's behavior.

02:06 Limiting subconscious beliefs are actually creating the perception of a reality that the economy is not open for either their product or their price point and they talk themselves out of a sale. Not Consciously, but subconsciously.

03:08 What's important for leaders today is to get into the subconscious minds of their individual employees to find out what is it that could be sabotaging their success and productivity in any area of the organization.

04:03 A specific line of questioning that we go into an order to break apart what that perception of reality is for the speaker so they can start to realize that based on their perception of what they're going through they themselves are actually creating the block and then, and then how to overcome it.

04:55 How leaders can control their own subconscious mind. So if you're a leader thinking, OK, where do I need to make the breakthroughs? In my leadership style? Start to investigate in your subconscious mind what could be driving those results because you're ultimately created them.

05:53 10 city tour with EO of India and Bangladesh and Nepal and Dubai -- no matter which country I presented to the results were pretty much the same in the belief survey. Certain questions came up recurrently for these entrepreneurs. So either I constantly doubt or question myself and mistrust my judgement.

06:44 Not trusting people with the important things -- it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

07:59 New paradigm to see conflict as something positive.

08:54 How do you figure out your mindset or first discovering it or being aware of it, what are the steps?

09:39 What happens when you have your subconscious beliefs is that you're so clear that that's the way reality is, that it actually creates blind spots in your periphery and you don't really see where you can trust or where you can make more money or where the opportunities lie.

10:27 What results would I create if this is how I thought?

11:12 Try taking action based on this new thinking.

12:49 Two psychological responses to “I’m not enough”.

14:34 Right. So that's another factor of it. What are the other ways these subconscious beliefs, the sabotage our life, our, I am not enough to tell you that it's not just, I'm not enough. It's we always perceive it in three ways. I am not a knife, you know, you are not enough. Like you're the peop the people who are in your life that you were looking at. And also life is not enough. So for example, you know, I know for me, I definitely grew up on that one and if I feel like I'm not happy with the way things are or that I'm not happy with myself in that moment because something triggers me and I feel like, you know, it's not enough where I'm doing or how things are going. And I look at my spouse and I think, yeah, you're not enough either and I look at my child and I think you should be doing better to, you know, and then, and then so we project that, you know, that psychological projection and then we think also does not enough.  

16:43 If you're a person who feels like I'm all alone or I don't trust or I'm not worthy, you're going to create teams like that.

19:52 Seven self-sabotaging beliefs and creating an app for that purpose, due to launch sometime in the summer of 2018.

20:49 First of all identify the limitations in your thinking and start realizing, and this is not positive thinking, I want people to know it's actually productive thinking.

21:32 Take everything that you think and turn it around, the subconscious test has turnaround statements. Create them as and record them. It's important that we record them into a phone or a device to hear our own voice because the sound of our own voice almost casts a spell upon ourselves.

22:27 Saying no to opportunities inadvertently on a daily basis when our subconscious mind is locking in possibilities.

23:30 The defining moment which created this thought in the first place -- “I just can't ask for the money or what I want.”


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