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Featured guests include:
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Toni Ko, founder of NYX Cosmetics
Devin Alexander, celebrity chef and nutrition expert who appears on "The Biggest Loser"

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Mar 18, 2020

Meet Ashley Merrill, founder, and CEO of Lunya, a line of modern luxury sleepwear for women. Starting a business is hard enough, but Ashley managed to do it as a new mom! Listen in as she shares her core values, how she overcame her struggles, what it’s like to be married to and live with another entrepreneur. She also shares how brand marketing is important and how to maximize its impact. Tune in now!

Timestamped show notes​
02:28 - Starting Lunya
03:06 - Are you born an entrepreneur?
04:00 - Finding a gap in the market
05:45 - The first steps in starting Lunya
07:05 - Ashley’s background in business
07:58 - Ashley talks about the questions she had at the beginning of her journey
09:22 - Lunya’s first collection
12:30 - What does the name Lunya mean?
13:48 - What is Lunya?
15:22 - Ashley talks about how Lunya’s fabrics collections address different problems
18:33 - How do you listen to the customer?
20:48 - Lunya’s brand marketing and how to maximize its impact
24:48 - Ashley talks about how her team of creatives helps set the tone for their brand
24:56 - Ashley’s entrepreneurial lineage
25:58 - What’s it like living with another entrepreneur?
28:10 - The difficulty of juggling being a parent and an entrepreneur
29:10 - Ashley talks about her habits and being organized
34:02 - Fitting in fitness
34:55 - What it’s like having an almost all-female staff
36:52 - Systems and processes
37:43 - Lunya’s Core Values
42:05 - Lunya looking forward
44:41 - Ashley shares her sources of inspiration
46:17 - “My inbox is my to-do box”
47:49 - Ashley’s advice for aspiring female founders
50:15 - Ashley shares how she has learned from struggles
55:58 - Swallowing feedback
57:58 - Ashley shares how she and Marc met

Lunya’s Website: ​