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Aug 10, 2020

Kathy David, founder of Office Athletics, is an award winning entrepreneur. She was named the Minority Owned Small Business of the Year and her company, IT Tech Pros, was named Supplier of the Year by the Women’s Business Enterprise Council. From waitress to bank branch manager and assistant vice president to accomplished entrepreneur, Kathy has truly worked her way to the top. Listen in as she shares her story, gives advice for up and coming small business owners, and shares insights on how entrepreneurs can utilize tech in their workflow.

Timestamped show notes
02:48 - Kathy’s origin story
11:05 - Waitress to bank management
11:44 - Making the jump
13:27 - Kathy shares the story of leaving her bank job
19:23 - Tips, tools, tactics for small business owners
25:00 - Backing up data
26:18 - Protecting passwords
35:09 - What services does IT Tech Pros provide?
40:11 - Upcoming trends in tech and entrepreneurship
41:37 - Entrepreneurial habits
45:13 - Reprogramming yourself
48:23 - Intuition and decisions

Kathy’s LinkedIn:
IT Tech Pros: