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Sep 15, 2017

Jill Willard, founder of IM and author of “Intuitive Being,” is a gifted Intuitive, medium, and leader in meditation practice. Today on the EO Podcast, Jill discusses how we can tap into our intuition and use it to better our personal relationships and get an edge in our professional lives. Tune-in to hear Jill’s wisdom about the future, clearing space, letting go, listening to “the knock,” relationships, and emotions.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:56 – Jill’s Journey
  • 01:03 – She’s always had an intuitive nature and strong internal voice, when she was young she shut it down but began honing into it in her 20s
  • 01:42 – She began listening to her intuition after she had her first child
  • 00:57 – Jill’s book “Intuitive Being”
  • 02:00 – She started doing readings in 2008 and she found high intellect that needed to be shared; a pamphlet was information that came together
  • 02:31 – In the summer of 2011 she wrote the book against Oprah’s fence at a friend’s house, in O Magazine an article was written about intuition that August
  • 03:00 – She had a few high-end clients and then she got the book deal
  • 03:30 – What is intuition like?
  • 03:45 – We are over-trained in the left side of the brain and need more tuning into the right to address emotion, baggage
  • 04:10 – Look at your closet or your junk drawer and you can get insight into what your mind is like; we need space
  • 04:30 – Let the now be seen instead of the clutter from the past; slow down, pause, reflect, breathe, and you’ll hear intuition
  • 04:51 – How do you know when you’re feeling intuition?
  • 04:53 – It’s the small tugging voice that is calm and wise
  • 05:22 – Your body doesn’t react with knots or nervous energy; intuition is love, calm, neutral, and always benefits us if we follow it
  • 05:56 – Intuition is logical and factual; by the time women are 30-35 we learn to use our voice
  • 06:19 – Wisdom comes in the front of the brain, and with activated intuitive center, you build on all energy centers
  • 06:48 – We can get there at about 40-42 years old
  • 06:55 – “Top crown” is our guidance and when it is open you get wisdom from grandparents, Jesus, guides, angels; this is the wisest information
  • 07:35 – With drugs it doesn’t stick; you can get more of this information without
  • 07:42 – Summarizing the 7 main energy centers
  • 07:48 – Energy centers: Sexual organs (relationships), gut (power/worth), heart (love/joy), throat (purification/liberation/truth), third eye (intuition), spiritual guise (all one, connected to all that is
  • 08:13 – The purpose of life is for the soul to have a journey; she doesn’t believe in reincarnation
  • 08:25 – It’s about evolution; we all have a purpose, goals, and way to contribute on earth in our own essence and nature
  • 08:56 – How can entrepreneurs use intuition in their businesses or personal lives?
  • 09:11 – Intuition is key at home: put your phone down, detox out of work, be present at home, create more eye contact, pause, and breathe to tap into your intuition
  • 09:54 – You make more whole decisions from a centered place and everyone benefits when you are in the now
  • 10:30 – Your children and mate can tell when you aren’t in the “now” and this is what they truly need; come out of the brain and center
  • 11:04 – “Spiritual Botox:” You look better and feel better when you allow yourself to center
  • 11:20 – Eye contact: Children want their parents to be present to help them grow emotionally, spiritually, and organically
  • 11:50 – Someone needs to be a champion for their kids; we come from a patterning of “toughening our kids up” because parents couldn’t be providing
  • 12:20 – Masculine is physical and mental, but we are now in a spiritual and emotional power place to connect with our children and this is hard for business people to do
  • 13:00 – Food as nurturing vs. love as nurturing
  • 13:08 – Do something connective with the family, but don’t connect sweets or food with nurturing
  • 13:25 – The human body needs connection and touch more than anything and we’ve turned that off
  • 13:37 – How can we use intuition in business?
  • 13:42 – Everyone who uses intuition in their business has an edge; be like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Walt Disney and use intuition
  • 14:15 – You need to be new and inventive and go for it; intuition helps you believe in yourself and be brave
  • 14:35 – You’ll save money by using your intuition; you’ll see signs of bad decisions and skipped steps; be in it and you’ll make quality moves
  • 15:00 – There are millions of things that haven’t been done yet
  • 15:08 – Meditation company “IM” for intuitive meditation
  • 15:19 – She know IM was coming 2-3 years ago
  • 15:40 – Intuition can be way ahead; she sees negative things in the future around virtual reality
  • 16:05 – She doesn’t recommend the virtual reality things that are coming out; she believe it will cause neurosis and non-touch, so people won’t be able to have sexual experiences and relationships
  • 16:25 – We have the tools to create food, there should be no starvation
  • 16:50 – The feminine energy is rising; a lot of people are going to be speaking their truth
  • 17:04 – Growing from the inside out; gut health relation to the brain and food/health system will be reformed with this new knowledge
  • 17:49 – So much is going to be exposed; opportunity is coming
  • 18:04 – Jill’s thoughts on A.I.: The earth doesn’t need us
  • 18:25 – It’s a farce that A.I. makes its way here; it is all an illusion of the second chakra
  • 18:40 – We go east/west instead of north
  • 19:00 – How does someone hone their intuition?
  • 19:04 – Get quiet, go to more things that are “yin” (yoga/a walk/something slow) because the left side is so overstimulated
  • 19:37 – Breathe deeply into your diaphragm and belly; be where you are
  • 20:00 – Colorful foods, alkaline water, minerals and key nutrients
  • 20:30 – Meditation: guided but silent is also important
  • 21:40 – True mastery comes from inside; we need to focus on the guru inside and be the teacher and the student at the same time
  • 22:01 – Jill’s companies: IM (meditative) and Present (non-meditative)
  • 22:22 – Present helps people go in and find their color and self-regulate with love, care, nurturing
  • 22:31 – IM website has videos with energy center meditations
  • 23:18 – I Am Powerful/Worthy/Strong/Confident is important for female entrepreneurs in a patriarchal society
  • 23:58 – Company is about allowing people to open up their intuition for themselves
  • 24:10 – She is holding clear quartz to remain centered and clear
  • 25:00 – Present company website is coming, when it’s launched it can be found on Jill’s website
  • 25:10 – Present has been taught in schools with teens, execs, and student
  • 25:45 – Jill’s Instagram @jill_willard
  • 25:57 – Jill’s transition: She was a publisher and thought she’d be a stay-at-home mom as a kid
  • 26:21 – She was a publisher and editor, did a graduate program that she didn’t complete
  • 26:45 – She did photography in the city; she was very intuitive and was often at the right place at the right time
  • 27:27 – She met her husband, got married, and her friends, mentors, and healers told her that she needed to be working with and using her intuition
  • 28:00 – It grew rapidly, and she needed something creative; this is how IM was created and it started booming
  • 28:39 – A friend wanted to learn a new form of meditation and she suggested IM
  • 29:06 – She has 3 kids, it wasn’t easy, but her intuition helps her make sure she has everything she needs
  • 29:48 – Harper Collins helped hone in the book and make it practical
  • 30:10 – What was the book-writing journey like?
  • 30:13 – It is a journey of the self, it is like being pregnant and birthing a child
  • 31:00 – You must have patience with the process; she reviewed edited versions many times
  • 31:40 – Other voices helped with the book but she had to comb them out; she met someone 1-2/week to have deadlines and track progress
  • 32:19 – Your intuition connects to a higher wisdom so you’ll get information and sound bites that “hit”
  • 32:45 – Everyone has it; you have to invite it in and have space for it or you won’t hear or process the genius
  • 33:45 – Everything that comes in needs to be helpful for the world; it has to be new
  • 34:00 – When she wrote ”Intuit,” submitted it, and it didn’t get picked up it was 11/11/11 and a girlfriend gave her the book “The Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss
  • 34:30 – How Caroline wrote the book is similar to the theory in “Intuit” and Jill didn’t realize the books were so similar until afterwards
  • 34:55 – We must offer something new to the world
  • 35:05 – Fresh ideas come to 3-5 different people throughout the world
  • 35:30 – Chance favors a prepared mind; timing needs to be paired with preparedness
  • 36:00 – Have a goal and vision for yourself and your family that contributes to the world
  • 36:30 – There’s going to be a shift in energy and business and there’s going to be a fight for it that we are already seeing
  • 37:05 – Clear out your roots, connect to your gut, open your heart, and intuition will follow; start now, one step at a time
  • 37:30 – Remember what’s yours and what isn’t and clear out your stuff
  • 38:11 – Story of how she knew the sex of her baby at the 4th month 4D ultrasound
  • 38:33 – The doctor said she was having a boy but she knew that wasn’t correct, she let the doctor look around and correct himself
  • 39:00 – Her husband has been used to her doing that with respect
  • 39:20 – Sometimes we automatically give power to those with a title
  • 39:36 – She met President Clinton, shook his hand, he tickled the inside of her hand
  • 40:15 – Suddenly her intuition told her that he was cheating on his wife with a woman with dark hair, and 2-3 weeks later it came out that he was
  • 40:40 – It came out that at the same party he was being inappropriate with another woman
  • 41:40 – On the day of the podcast, she knew they’d get front row parking and they did
  • 42:20 – She’ll say a word and someone will text her the same word, will think of a person and they’ll show up; examples like this happens all the time, it’s physics
  • 43:20 – Once you understand the voice you’ll listen to it more; it’s like knocks that you should learn to hear when they’re still quite
  • 43:56 – We have more say than we realize; just ask what you need and what your body needs
  • 45:11 – When you listen to your gut everything aligns
  • 45:50 – Trust your first instinct; don’t rehash or mull-over, that’s left-brain
  • 46:35 – “Re” is backwards: Do everything fresh
  • 47:10 – Go forward from where you are and take what you learned
  • 48:30 – Her book can be a tough read, especially chapter 3
  • 48:40 – She will be doing an audio version soon, sometimes things are better understood verbally
  • 49:11 – “Emotion is energy in motion” quote is in book (originally from Peter Mc Williams
  • 49:30 – Emotion is your skin, nervous system, touch, hormones
  • 49:54 – It can become too energetic and become depleted (affects hair/skin/nails/eyes)
  • 50:29 – Let it out: it is energy and should be recycled and not held in the body
  • 51:02 – On “The Voice” people let their emotions out with their story, song, and performance
  • 51:15 – Emotion can be alchemized into your business; learn not to hold it in and let it get in motion through sound and breath (men and women)
  • 53:00 – You know if someone with you doesn’t have your best interest in mind
  • 53:27 – Surround yourself with people who want for you what they want for themselves; face the truth but find the compassion to kindly remove yourself from adversity
  • 54:20 – We have a strange view about love; we need to discuss what we feel and let go
  • 55:02 – See with compassion but move on and let go
  • 55:40 – Holding onto that energy creates stress and acidity within you, so find peaceful conclusion
  • 56:30 – Addressing jealousy between women
  • 56:40 – Why it happens: women have been repressed and view each other as competitors, we are stuck in the 2nd energy center, and we don’t have enough compassion for ourselves
  • 57:56 – She has been accused a lot in life; she’s learned to let go and not get affected by the finger-pointing of others
  • 58:30 – She approaches with an open space and lets go if the other person isn’t open to discuss the issue
  • 58:50 – Dharam Dev Kaur Khalsa who does therapy and counseling for individuals, couples, and families taught her the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer/practice called Hoʻoponopono
  • 59:26 – The practice is helpful to let go and forgive
  • 01:00:00 – Be the wiser sister of your younger self, meditate, pray; Jill likes the St. Francis prayer for peace and the line “injury pardon”
  • 01:00:30 – Don’t make it about you or them or be passive-aggressive
  • 01:01:08 – Go all the way in and find forgiveness for those who’ve pained you in the past and get closure
  • 01:01:40 – The ego needs completion/closure, and Jill’s next book is about that
  • 01:02:30 – Jill’s next book is called “The Well” and is about our emotions and how to clear them
  • 01:02:50 – People are annoyed with their emotion
  • 01:03:03 – What Jill’s up to now
  • 01:03:10 – Growing the company, gaining a media presence, and writing the book
  • 01:03:40 – She is the channel for the book’s information
  • 01:04:05 – The book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and bookstores, and is great as a gift for those around you

Key Points:

  1. Let the now be seen instead of the clutter from the past; slow down, pause, reflect, breathe, and you’ll hear intuition.
  2. Connect with your family and yourself through the spiritual and emotional, not just from a physical or mental place.
  3. Clear out your roots, connect to your gut, open your heart, and intuition will follow; start now one step at a time.

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