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Oct 13, 2022

Jaclyn Johnson is the Founder of Create and Cultivate, (the pop culture phenomenon for millennial women) New Money Ventures, and Maie. She is a self-funded serial entrepreneur with two multimillion-dollar exits under her belt. New Money Ventures is a venture capital firm and brand incubator whose mission is to fund and mentor the next generation of female-led brands. Maie is Jaclyn’s latest endeavor, a “re-imagined wine club experience.” Maie is female-led and “built to bring a beautiful glass of wine to you, by the bottle.” Listen in as Jaclyn shares her experience as a self-funded serial entrepreneur, how she got started, and insight into today’s current trends.

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Timestamped show notes
01:44 - Origin story
04:17 - Overcoming challenges
05:05 - Create & Cultivate
07:28 - Importance of branding
13:32 - Change in 2022
17:34 - Leveraging Intro 
18:28 - Mentorship
21:36 - Choosing companies
23:12 - Focusing on women-led businesses
26:07 - Current trends
28:14 - Advice for upcoming entrepreneurs
29:20 - Her self-care routine in the pandemic times
30:29 - The New York experience
35:20 - Introducing Maie
40:37 - Maneuvering through 2020

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Create and Cultivate:
New Money Ventures:
CorporateNatalie on TikTok: