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Jul 11, 2022

Finnian Kelly is a “business mystic,” as Kalika puts it. He is a transformational intentionality coach and speaker. Finnian’s goal is to help entrepreneurs and business leaders awaken their consciousness and find deeper levels of meaning and purpose. Listen in as Finnian talks about living with intentionality in both business and in life. 

Timestamped show notes
02:10 - Becoming a business mystic
03:50 - What is intentionality?
06:44 - Feeling vs experiencing
08:55 - Opening up to experiencing
12:41 - Taking that first step
17:04 - You are the higher self
19:05 - Space is a gift
24:03 - Becoming intentional
27:31 - Meaning and purpose
32:21 - Intentions for 2022
36:43 - Be willing to accept
39:08 - Remembering who you are
40:50 - Receiving and grasping
45:18 - Transformation vs change
46:54 - Abundance vs scarcity
49:42 - Intention matters
53:33 - Our energy is our greatest asset
58:34 - How to contact Finnian

Finnian’s website: