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Jul 15, 2020

How does someone with a background in software engineering become a medical intuitive, a Holistic Health Practitioner, and the co-founder of a highly successful company? Meet Carolyn Harrington. Her company Maty’s Healthy Products, creates all natural, whole food health products. Listen in as she shares health tips for entrepreneurs, how she received investment from a Fortune 100 company, and how to beyond making your company successful. Tune in!

Timestamped show notes
02:05 - Accountant to software engineer to health
02:54 - The catalyst
05:28 - The journey to starting the business
06:37 - Holistic health practitioner
07:38 - Techniques for sleep for entrepreneurs
10:23 - What is a medical intuitive?
12:14 - Carolyn shares some healing techniques
14:39 - Practicing mindfulness
15:31 - Keeping your gut healthy
17:54 - Get deeper with your emotion
22:09 - Carolyn’s emotional journey
24:47 - Going beyond just building a successful company
27:42 - Paying it forward
29:36 - Tips for working with your spouse
31:38 - Struggles in business
34:03 - Go big, or go home
38:43 - Daily habits and practicing mindfulness
41:31 - Pain and stress is like a barrel

Carolyn’s Website:
Maty’s Healthy Products: