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Wonder, a podcast by Entrepreneurs’ Organization, places women entrepreneurs in conversation with those thought leaders who amaze, astonish and inspire. Each guest shares their own journey with entrepreneur and host, Kalika Yap, giving insight into the ordinary challenges of extraordinary people.

Featured guests include: Lisa Sugar of pop culture hub, PopSugar; Toni Ko, founder of NYX Cosmetics; and Devin Alexander, celebrity chef and nutrition expert on The Biggest Loser. Tune into this podcast to marvel at the meaningful insights of entrepreneurs.

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Jun 20, 2018

Warren Rustand, lifelong entrepreneur, CEO of Summit Capital Consulting LLC, and former NBA player, sits down with Kalika Yap for today’s Wonder podcast episode. Warren is very passionate about giving a lot of focus on the entrepreneur’s family life and shares the impact of creating a vision statement for the family. He also talks about giving back to the community as an integral part in preparing for the future. Tune in now!

Timestamped show notes

01:29 Warren shares some tips on how to be a better entrepreneur. He opens about the concept of the 10/10/10 program, a habit that you have to do at the start of your day to prime yourself for success.

03:05 As a former NBA player, they briefly talk about the best lessons he has learned as a professional athlete that can also be applied to being an entrepreneur.

03:43 Focusing efforts in our family is vital because they are the support system that creates success.

05:39 Men and women have different leadership styles. Women are more nurturing, team-based, more empathetic, and more interested in the development of those around them.

06:37 It is important that all entrepreneurs are engaged in a cause greater than themselves.

07:17 The finest leaders are servant leaders. Those that help others be successful.

08:08 Warren tells an anecdote about a particular incident in Los Angeles.

09:41 His purpose in life is to improve the human condition.


Key takeaways

  1. People who live to do a higher purpose, actually perform better than those who do not.
  2. No success in life compensates for failure in the home.
  3. Great leaders don't need employees. Great leaders make other great leaders.



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